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Traditional horse show

Barrenprogramme in „Biczó Csárda” Restaurant and Horse Riding Pension


11.00 Arrival to „Biczó Csárda” in „Hármaspuszta”
Our guests who are arriving in groups by bus, will be escorted by our wranglers (clapping there bullwhip) to the building of the „Csárda” Restaurant. We welcome our guests with peach brandy called „pálinka”, with baked-in-oven „langosh”, with traditional gipsy music and with a glas of wine in the Winecellar of the „Csárda” so you can enjoy our relaxing atmosphere after your tiring journey.

11.45 Starting to the venue of horse-drawn carriage show

12.00 Horse-drawn carriage show
Wrangler show: entertaining skill testing games of horse-drawn carriages, donkey dressage, demonstration of riding five horses at the same time, so called „puszta ötös” technique.

NEW! Antique romanic horse carriage competion:
wild pace, grim fight, excited atmosphere. You can lay wager as well  if you wish!
Queen Horse Show
Riding horses stylishly by ladies. Designed to Queen Sissi, who established this nice tradition in Hungary in 19th century.
Finishing our programme you can try out your skills: horse riding, donkey riding, driving horse-drawn carriages are available.

13.00 Promenade in barren
Our guests can visit a Living Farm Museum where you can find ancient Hungarian farm animals. You can taste home made cheesy scones. Traditional wine tasting is available as well in our cellar.

13.30 Lunch in the „Csárda” Restaurant, optional menus

Menu 1.

Goulash soup
Wranglers’ favourite (breaded chicken breast with garlic flavour, roast chicken legs, pork trotters „Pékné” style, roast liver, breaded cauliflower and mushroom. Garnish: braised rice, potatoes with parsley, mixed salad).
Pie with hot peach jam

Menu 2.

Chicken soup with home made noodles
Beef legs in redwine sauce with roasted egg barley noodles and mixed pickle.
Pie with hot peach jam

During the lunch: folk dance show and children’s playhouse, special tailored service  are available alternatively. If you are interested in these possibilities, please register in advance.

The programme will be held for minimum 15 previously registered participant.
Subject to change without notice!